Hot Tub with Jacuzzi Jets, Air Bubble System, LEDs and Upgraded Insulated Cover, Sand Filtration and Logo.


The top of the line most luxury Hot Tub on the market, all the bells and whistles!

In stock (can be backordered)



  • Top spec, 316 ANSI stainless Steel wood-fired heater
  • Jacuzzi system
  • Air bubbles system
  • Led light (7 different colours and disco mode)
  • Sand filtration system
  • Logo on the tub side
  • Neon led band under the hot tub
  • 3- tier rounded steps (place for filtration system)
  • Mini bar
  • 2-meter flue/ chimney
  • Flue/ chimney guard
  • Rain cowl

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Weight 200 kg